The Flavor Shot Advantage

Over 50 Unique Flavors!

Miss Karen’s originated with a plain base using the Flavor Shot Advantage Program and we are proud to continue that system today. Our base line has grown to include Non Fat Yogurt, Tart Yogurt, and Italian Ice Base. All bases can use the same Flavor Shot system.

Our Miss Karen’s ready to use mix comes in 4/1-gallon plastic jugs with a resealable cap. Each cases is delivered frozen and has a two year shelf life. Once you begin to thaw our products the shelf life is 14 days to use. The flavors range from Banana to Yellow Cake Batter and everything in the alphabet that falls in between. Best when used in our Non Fat Plain base or your favorite ice cream base.

Our Flavor Shot System allows for a customer to only store one to three skus of frozen mix and yet have over 50 flavors available to mix and match. You can order of flavor shots by fax, email or phone and they ship directly to your location.

The flavor shots are shelf stable and have a 6 month to 9-month shelf life depending on flavor. One shot is enough product to mix ½ gallon of our Miss Karen’s Bases or your favorite ice cream mix. Try our Rainbow’s End ice cream mix if you don’t already have a favorite.

One case of flavor shots is 6 inner boxes that contain 8/ 2.1 flavor shots for a total of 48 flavor shots per case.  Mix and match per box. 

Shelf Stable and have a shelf life of 9 months to a year. One shot is enough to mix 1 gallon of your favorite flavor.

One case minimum per order.