K-12 Sales

K-12 Sales

In 2017 Miss Karen’s attending their first Annual National Conference and was amazed by the interest in yogurt-based products for K -12 children. We were more than excited to enter into this category of food service as it comes
with great rewards. Miss Karen’s frozen yogurt became smart snack certified and available to be used in any soft serve equipment.

The following year, we spent time talking with Food Directors all over the country to learn more about the needs and options for our product in this category. We learned that cost of equipment was tough, so we began to offer upcharge programs. Still available today, email us for details.

It became apparent that this industry serves thousands of meals in short periods of time, and a pre packed frozen desert treat would be optimal. We introduce our frozen yogurt cups, pre packed 3 oz cups in Chocolate Vanilla and
Strawberry. We launched these cups in the North Dallas school district with great success.

We have now have added our frozen yogurt bars for K-12 sales, we offer a 4 oz bar in birthday cake all year round and a specialty flavor by season. See flyer for details.

We continue to evolve our brand and were excited to introduce drinkable yogurt for breakfast in the class room or on the go in the Middle to High School programs.

We offer our high-quality frozen yogurt products that contain NHFCS, RBST Free, Kosher, GRADE A Milk and locally sourced farm fresh products in a variety of sizes and options. Contact us for details and samples for your nutrition program. These products work well for assisted living programs as we have the all the benefits of your morning yogurt plus added vitamins in every product.